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Enterprise Clients Are Leveraging Mobile Workforces

"Only recently have businesses begun understanding and adapting to the way generation Y wants and expects to work, which is 'mobile' – not tied down to any desk – let alone preparing for the entry of generation Z into the workforce in another five to ten years' time." - TechRadar, 2015

It's no doubt that we are moving more toward mobile workforces. In terms of your bottom line, employee satisfaction, and productivity, this trend is good for business.

According to a survey by Apps Freedom, “84 percent of all companies who view themselves as cutting-edge in mobility, report an increase in overall productivity." These companies do this by incorporating mobile work into their business processes. 

Why is mobility so important these days? Because it not only increases employee availability, but it gives your company access to a cost-effective labor force that can be dispatched on-demand.

This mobile workforce, or gig workforce, can augment and sometimes replace costly full-time staff, or provide your company with field exposure that you wouldn't normally have.

WeGoLook knows this shift to mobile workforces all too well, as we have a growing force of over 30,000 on-demand workers, or what we call 'Lookers.' These mobile workers are available on-demand and augment the business processes of our enterprise clients across North America.

Let's take a look.

Finance Industry

Here at WeGoLook, we provide asset and data verification services for various financial enterprises.

Financial institutions use our services to plug into a variety of business process. For instance, our on-demand workforce is used to verify client assets before providing secured personal loans.

Consider secured lines of credit, where a bank must prove that physical assets exist. Instead of hiring various contracted services across different jurisdictions, companies are looking to WeGoLook as a resource to send on-demand workers to physical locations to verify assets and answer an array of pre-established questions.

We also see an interest by financial institutions to dispatch our workforces who also are certified notaries to check and notarize legal and financial documents of all types. Instead of numerous meetings, a client can have their assets verified and documents signed and approved, all in one shot.

Our current clients find that using on-demand workers increases turnaround times and allows for a faster flow of information due to our innovative and secure mobile platform.

Insurance Industry

Because WeGoLook specializes in inspection and verification services, integration with insurance carriers is a natural fit for on-demand workforces. 

One of the primary reasons our insurance clients use our on-demand workforce is because it replaces the need to hire multiple vendors across various regions for occasional work. 

Insurance carriers also use WeGoLook services to augment field personnel to review damage to vehicles or property, collect data, or verify assets.

For instance, following an accident involving a policyholder, a WeGoLook Lookers travels to the location of the damaged vehicle, or courthouse, and collects pre-determined data, documents, photos, or videos of the damage.

Or, for real estate and property policies, WeGoLook's workforce is experienced in verifying and documenting damage and confirming ownership status.

One major benefit of leveraging mobile workforces in your business is the ability to handle periods of surging demand, such as natural disasters. Insurance carriers can leverage the mobile workforces to supplement and augment full-time employees during these times to continue satisfying customer demand.

Inspection Industry

Much of what we do here at WeGoLook is classified as inspection services. This can be property, vehicle, heavy machinery, marine inspections, and more.

WeGoLook has access to over 30,000 of mobile asset verification specialists. Our Lookers travel to locations across North American to verify assets on behalf of our individual and enterprise clients. 

As such, our workforce integrates seamlessly into larger inspection firms who require flexible workforces across the U.S. and Canada. These workers can be dispatched at the swipe of a smartphone.

Fleet Inspections

Many companies across North America maintain a fleet of vehicles of various types. Maintaining and keeping track of these assets can be costly. Many large corporations have dedicated employees to oversee these assets, but many do not.

Trained WeGoLook agents can provide personalized on-site reports or verification of a company’s vehicle fleet. These verifications can be customized to suit various requirements.

Our specialized fleet inspections include autos, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, heavy equipment, and more. We also can accommodate the following requirements specific to fleet inspections:

- Auction Listing Cataloging

- Pre-funding Inspections

- Pre-insurance Inspections

- Auto Insurance Inspections

- Accident Scene Inspections

- Data Capture

- Delivery of Checks/Pickup of Keys

- Title Document Courier Services

Something not on the list that should be? Contact us to discuss your specific needs and how you can best utilize mobile workforces in your business.

Clearly, there are endless uses of mobile workforces in today's digital and mobile world.

Companies can use these flexible workforces to augment, supplement, replace their current labor force or simplify an array of different contracting services that vary by region.

The bottom line for your business: you must keep up with staffing and technology demands, and those increasingly revolve around being mobile.

So what are you waiting for? Start brainstorming with your management team how your company can best leverage mobile workforces, which some have boldly called "the future of work."