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Employee Spotlight: Meet Suheily

Meet Suheily, the Looker Fulfillment Lead at WeGoLook.

Suheily works directly with our in-house follow up staff and outsourced contractors to manage completion of their daily tasks. She also makes herself available to all staff to answer any questions or concerns, and takes escalated phone calls that arise.

If Suheily could do any Look in the world, she would choose a property inspection (interior and exterior) of a vacation home in a tropical location. Maybe even enjoy a few rays of sunlight after the Look was complete.

“I love that we really are like a family here at WeGoLook, the support, compassion, and love we get from our fellow team members and management is like nothing I have ever experienced.” She explains that the opportunity to provide feedback and ideas on how to improve the WeGoLook process is the best part of her job.

If you ever catch the smell of a cheesy gordita crunch in the hallway, it’s probably Suheily. She’s literally obsessed with Taco Bell and would eat it every day if she had the chance. Yo Quiero Taco Bell!