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Employee Spotlight: Meet Ryan

Meet Ryan, the Assistant Community Manager at WeGoLook.

Ryan’s role covers various items that happen in the WeGoLook Looker Community whether it being during Looker onboarding or anytime through the Looker experience. Our Lookers are one of the most important parts of WeGoLook so Ryan takes pride in continually working towards helping anyway he can to keep our Lookers happy. 

Some of you may also recognize Ryan from the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony and Super Bowl award winning WeGoLook Onboarding video. We don't know how to put this but Ryan’s kind of a big deal... people know him. “I own many leather-bound books and have a home that smells of rich mahogany... but I haven't let the fame get to me too much (in case you can't tell I LOVE Anchorman).”

When describing the best part of his job, Ryan says, “I love that every day is different. When asked what my day or week looks like I never know what to say as things in the gig economy change so quickly. It creates fun problem solving and quick thinking all the time. There are really never two days that are alike. I also love getting to work with our International Lookers as well to build up to my ultimate goal for WeGoLook #GlobalDomination!”

If Ryan could perform any Look in the world, he would choose to do a Look on any Aston Martin especially their super-car the Aston Martin Vulcan! Being the huge James Bond fan he is.

P.S. If anyone has an extra $3.5 million laying around that they want to lend Ryan so he can buy one please feel free to reach out to him.

The Community department is a close-knit family which Ryan loves. “We all work very closely to get our jobs done but we still have fun joking around and playing pranks on each other to keep a great atmosphere.” But on a serious note, “I love every single person I have the pleasure of working with here at WeGoLook. It is so rare to find a job that you love coming to everyday and all my coworkers play a huge role in that!”

If you know Ryan, you will know he’s a HUGE hockey fan and has been cheering the Pittsburgh Penguins on for over 20 years and he even has his three-year-old daughter to cheer along with him! He collects Pittsburgh Penguins hats and added his 100th and 101st to the collection last month when he went to Pittsburgh for the Stadium Series game outdoors at Heinz Field. #HiMyNameIsRyanAndIAmAnAddict #AdmittingIsTheFirstStep. Thank goodness he has a patient and caring wife.