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Employee Spotlight: Meet Raquel

Meet Raquel, the Order Verifications Team Lead at WeGoLook.

WeGoLook has a triple threat on their hands and that’s Raquel! Not only is she a leader, her position provides an essential part to the WeGoLook business process, and her bilingual skills help reach the Spanish speaking demographic.

By verifying all information in orders that come into WeGoLook, Raquel’s team makes sure Lookers have all the information they need to complete Looks for our clients. “I love teaching new or even employees that have been here a while all the tips and tricks I’ve learned in the past four years,” says Raquel.

An important part of the WeGoLook business, is being able to effectively communicate with all our Lookers and clients. Raquel, along with several other team members, can take incoming calls in Spanish to schedule a time or translate any need concerning an order.

“I love everything about my job. I love being able to use my Spanish, the family-oriented atmosphere, friendly staff willing to help when needed, management and HR being available, and most of all Robin. She is such an amazing, caring person that I have learned a lot from.”

If Raquel could perform a Look on anything it would be a heavy equipment inspection, but when she isn’t thinking about work, she would like to LOOK for her favorite vacation spot. She’s a single mother of 4 beautiful kids, one that has already moved out, so she stays pretty busy. She loves to cook and can make the best tamales known to man. Now we're hungry!