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Employee Spotlight: Meet Khang

Meet Khang, the Account Specialist servicing Snapsheet at WeGoLook.

Khang’s role is to provide excellent customer service to our Lookers and Snapsheet client to make sure deadlines and completion of Looks are submitted in a timely manner. This ensures estimates are written up in a timely fashion so that individuals can continue with their daily lives. 

Sometimes when you pass by Khang’s desk, you might hear another language, but don’t be alarmed, he is a special asset to the WeGoLook team by being able to communicate in Vietnamese to our Lookers and clients.

“Every day I encounter something new and it's not monotonous.”

Khang’s nephews are infatuated with dinosaurs so if he could do a Look where potential dinosaurs once roamed and find fossils, that would be cool to him. 

When Khang isn’t working away in the newly renovated downstairs, he prefers the beach and warm weather, preferably the Cayman Islands. He’s also the oldest guy cousin of 19 cousins, so family outside of his WeGoLook family is very important to him.

He describes his favorite part of WeGoLook as, “Knowing that every interaction I engage in, I’m helping the client, end users, and all parties involved is enjoyable and that I'm able to provide a solution to a business need.”