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Employee Spotlight: Meet Justin

Meet Justin, the Consumer Account Specialist at WeGoLook.

Justin’s team is an integral part of WeGoLook by managing the entire Look process for multiple companies, eBay and individual customers. He is also responsible for following up on leads from individuals making inquiries about WeGoLook.

“I love the fact that each new Look that I manage is its own unique entity. The different facets of each order keep my days enjoyable and interesting. I never know if I will be working on a high-rise apartment building or a Rolls-Royce.”

If Justin could do any Look in the world, he would do a vehicle inspection on the Batmobile...

ohhhhh not that one??

He also said he'd do a property inspection on Skywalker Ranch.

 “I'm a total nerd.” That’s ok though, we like nerds!

When asked his favorite thing about WeGoLook, Justin said, “I really enjoy the feeling that everyone at WeGoLook is working for our clients and to improve the company. People legitimately care.”

In his free time, Justin loves reading comic books....

...and mystery novels, collecting bad horror movies, playing video games and most of all spending time with his beautiful wife Cecily.