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Employee Spotlight: Meet Joe

Meet Joe, the Business Analyst at WeGoLook.

You might think to yourself, man, this guy looks really familiar! That’s because we have our very own in-house model we use to demo our app. Thanks Joe, for letting us borrow your face so much.

When describing what he does for WeGoLook, Joe says just nerdy stuff. Big picture: he solves problems and builds software. He works with the users of the software to understand their needs, then works with the business team to get their input for new features and products. Joe presents the big picture to the developers to build the software. He also troubleshoots any problems that may arise with the software that WeGoLook builds.

“The people I interact with and the problems I get to solve are my favorite things about WeGoLook.”

Joe describes the best part of his job as, “Looking back over the years of work and saying, ‘Look at what we've built!’ We really have come a long way since I started.”

If Joe could do any Look in the world, he would choose a property verification of Banff National park. Looker instructions would read: Please verify which streams are good for fishing, which trails are good for hiking, and which mountains are good for climbing.

When Joe isn’t being hassled by his peers about joining the Thunder basketball team, he’s tall at 6’6”, he plays 5 different instruments. “I climb rocks. I quit Boy Scouts because it was too boring. I used to be the captain of a commercial fishing boat in Alaska. I nearly got deported from Brazil. I collect plotter printers and parts and repair them in my spare time.”