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Employee Spotlight: Meet Glenda

Meet Glenda, the Floor Supervisor for Enterprise Accounts at WeGoLook.

WeGoLook has 30,000+ Lookers that are dispatched at a moment’s notice to fulfill tasks from our Enterprise Clients which consist of insurance companies, financial institutions, car dealerships, manufacturers, etc. When Lookers are onsite, Glenda works with her team to answer questions the Lookers may have about completing a task.

“Being able to help people is definitely the best part of my job.”

If Glenda could perform any Look in the world, it would be a marine inspection on a luxury yacht in Maui, Hawaii.

Now, we don’t know what’s better! Getting to Look at a luxury yacht, or going to Maui.

“My favorite part of WeGoLook is the people that I work with.” We agree Glenda. We have some pretty awesome employees at WeGoLook, including you!

One thing that we can’t disagree with is Glenda’s favorite movie, and that’s The Notebook.

Hello, Ryan Gosling.