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Employee Spotlight: Meet Antony

Meet Antony, a Software Developer at WeGoLook.

When Antony isn’t rocking out to some of his favorite bands or brushing up his strategic skills playing DnD or video games, you can find him at WeGoLook troubleshooting technical issues and writing code.

Antony is a Software Developer and one of 13 employees on our Development team. His focus is writing Javascript for API and troubleshooting various technical issues with employee computers, WeGoLook’s mobile app and other company systems including Talkdesk and Zendesk. Basically, if it plugs in or is connected to the cloud, Antony works on it.

Always looking swag, Antony has a unique sense of style that is always winning #OOTD (outfit of the day) at WeGoLook, which is no surprise he thinks the best part of his job is the dress code. Being able to express himself through his clothes and work in a creative environment are his favorite things about work.

When asked about performing a Look on anything, Antony quickly answered Norway or an antique store. He said, “Norway is so beautiful and I would love to visit. And at an antique store you never know what cool stuff you would find.”

One thing you may find surprising about Antony is his love of reading. He indulges in fantasy, non-fiction, sci-fi, horror, philosophy and psychology books in his free time. He’s also very comfortable with the karaoke stage and wouldn’t be afraid to do a little freestyle battle.