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eBay Motors Partnership for Auto Inspections Brings WeGoLook Full Circle

Six years ago, an eBay purchase inspired WeGoLook founders to launch an on-demand inspection platform.  Today, that spark of an idea has evolved into one of the world’s largest on-demand crowdsourcing platforms and secured an affiliate partnership with eBay Motors to provide inspection services for eBay customers.

The business model was based on crowdsourcing (before anyone knew of Uber) and originated when a friend of WeGoLook Co-Founder and CEO, Robin Smith, was interested in purchasing an electronic projector on eBay but thought the seller was misrepresenting the item and said, “I sure wish I had someone to go look at that for me.” This dilemma planted a seed and shortly thereafter, WeGoLook began recruiting nationwide “Lookers”, created a consumer facing website and developed a backend platform to support the service of dispatching a “Looker” to any asset location to take current photos, video a working demonstration, answer custom questions and more.  The WeGoLook customer then received an electronic report with these data points, therefore arming them with current information to make a confident purchasing decision.

After a beta period, WeGoLook officially launched in December of 2010 to assist consumers in mitigating risk when purchasing an item sight unseen by providing “Looker” eyes and boots on the ground to perform inspections and tasks on their behalf. Over the years, we’ve loved hearing the stories about how our Lookers have saved our clients from bad investments or outright scams.

WeGoLook first visited San Jose and presented the platform to eBay motors in February of 2011. Now, five years later, eBay and WeGoLook have partnered to provide eBay Motors customers with on-site inspections for any vehicle, motorcycle, RV, powersport or boat anywhere in the USA, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.  Since the affiliate link has been live on eBay Motors,  Lookers dispatched by WeGoLook through inspection reports ordered by eBay customers, have already saved potential buyers from a handful of fraudulent listings. The partnership between eBay Motors and WeGoLook signifies eBay’s continued commitment to improving the buying and selling experience for their users by providing solutions to improve buyer confidence.  

Ordering a vehicle inspection is easy. Customers of eBay Motors users can request a WeGoLook vehicle inspection directly from each eBay Motors listing. For eBay shoppers, WeGoLook auto reports start at $69 and include current photos, VIN and make/model verification, and an odometer reading. Buyers can also purchase additional information (ranging from $159 - $199) about the vehicle including: video demos and tours, photos, diagnostic and collision checks, test drives and more. When decision timelines are critical, eBay shopper can also add a “Rush” service to receive a basic or custom report as fast as 24 hours.  

“When shopping for vehicles online, consumers want the same convenience and services they have become accustomed to receiving when buying clothing or electronics,” said Jay Hanson, eBay’s Vice President of North America Merchandising, Hard Goods. “With WeGoLook, we’re providing customers with an additional peace-of-mind when they buy on eBay.”

“The partnership with eBay is personally very rewarding,” says Robin Smith, WeGoLook CEO.  “To see the initial dream play out in real life is personally gratifying.  Lots of hard work from the WeGoLook Team has made it all possible and we absolutely love helping eBay customers make informed buying decisions.  Our platform is perfect for eBay, as we can “Look” at any item on the site plus pick up items and deliver to a shipper.  I can’t wait to see where our partnership takes us over the next 12 months.”  

eBay Vice President Jay Hanson and WeGoLook CEO Robin Smith

Read eBay’s press release here and visit to learn how the inspection report process works and to view a sample report.