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Document Retrieval + The Gig Economy

The gig economy has transformed business operations across a vast array of industries, from transportation and travel to insurance and finance. Smart startups have identified niche pain points for organizations and have devised collaborative methods to meet those demands.

Companies have realized the value of outsourcing administrative work with virtual assistants, as it enables their full-time employees to focus on more strategic tasks. For businesses that traditionally process a lot of paperwork, like financial institutions and insurers, the gig economy is particularly promising.

Let’s face it – does anyone enjoy doing paperwork? It’s tedious, time-consuming, and downright inconvenient more often than not. Most people would jump at the opportunity to hand that task off to someone else.

Imagine being able to make that stack of paperwork disappear from your desk with a swipe of a smartphone. Your time is valuable, and so is your customer’s time. Wouldn’t it be great if a third party could hand-deliver documents to your customers and then return them to you?

Your clients would no longer need to travel to your office simply to sign a document, and you would no longer have to fill your schedule with unnecessary meetings. Not only does this arrangement create a better customer experience, but it fosters productivity as well.



WeGoLook: The Uber of Professional Services

WeGoLook, a gig economy company that provides on-demand field services, has recognized the need for outsourcing document retrieval and processing tasks. With WeGoLook’s customized solutions, clients can eliminate the inconvenience and expense of traveling to deliver documents in person.

In gig economy fashion, we leverage a robust network of 30,000 on-demand workers in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia to perform documentation tasks upon request.



On-Demand Document Retrieval: How It Works

When a client places an order, a Looker (agent) is dispatched to a specified location, such as an insurance agency, healthcare institution, or courthouse. The Looker performs the necessary research, prepares the document, and scans or photocopies it.

At this point, the document is delivered to the customer via email, UPS, FedEx, or courier, and the client receives delivery verification.

WeGoLook facilitates communication and scheduling from start to finish with an online dashboard. Clients can monitor the progress of an assignment and track key milestones to ensure timely completion and customer satisfaction.

With this collaborative approach, customers can review documents on their own time and in a location of their choosing. With simplified logistics, the document review process becomes much more efficient and much less stressful for everyone involved.


Future Strategic Partnerships

In addition to implementing more efficient and cost-effective document retrieval standards, companies have another potential way to improve the customer experience with gig economy partnerships.

By forming a strategic partnership with WeGoLook, organizations could immediately expand their coverage with a team of remote Lookers ready to serve customers on demand. Insurance agencies and financial institutions would no longer have to focus solely on local clients, as they would have access to a fully trained network of field service professionals nationwide.

Not only that, but enterprise clients have the option to white-label the WeGoLook platform to extend their service while preserving brand identity. 

In the age of digital communication and collaboration, it’s about time that we devised a better way to process paperwork.

Thanks to the gig economy, there’s an app for that.