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Celebrating freedom and independence this fourth of July

On July 4th, across the country we will be celebrating our Independence Day; a day that honors the Declaration of Independence, and the birth of our country as an independent nation.

Freedom and independence are something very close to our hearts here at WeGoLook. With the rise of the gig economy, entrepreneurs across this country are being given the opportunity to explore the freedom and independence of working for themselves.

Indeed, the recent rise of the contingent workforce speaks for itself. There are 41 million contingent workers today, representing 31 percent of the entire U.S. workforce. By 2017, 45 percent of the average company’s workforce was made up of contingent workers.

Why are so many people choosing to become gig workers? Freedom and independence!

Consider that 87 percent of full-time gig workers note that this type of work affords them the freedom to work any hours they want. And, another 85 percent of them believe that the gig economy gives them more control over their destiny, providing greater opportunities to earn and grow as professionals.

Let’s spend this Independence Day celebrating all the freedom we have in this amazing country with friends, loved ones, and fellow Americans.

We want to wish all the WeGoLook and Crawford team members, our Lookers across the globe, and Americans everywhere a safe and happy Fourth of July.

The WeGoLook Team