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A Day in the Life of a WeGoLook Employee

When you’re looking for a new job opportunity, one of the biggest challenges is knowing what it is really like to work for a particular employer day-to-day. Sure, you’ve read the Glassdoor reviews, but they don’t offer a clear picture of your life if you worked for that company.

There’s a lot more to a company than benefits, job descriptions, and location. What is the company culture? What is the day-to-day experience, and what are the people like? Is management easygoing or rigid? Are employees competitive or friendly?

When you decide to work for a company, you spend a lot of your time there, so it’s important to learn as much as you can about the atmosphere before you commit.

Below, we wanted to give you an idea of what it’s like to work here with us at WeGoLook. Read on to see what a day in the life of a WeGoLook employee looks like. Then, take a look at our new Careers page to learn even more.


A day in the life

You wake up and start getting ready for work. As you brew your morning coffee, you think back on the progress you made with your team the day before. You and your team work hard, but you get along great and you love what you do, so time flies. You’re usually surprised when you look up at the clock and see that it’s already time for lunch.


Work hard. Play hard.

You may work hard at WeGoLook, but you play hard too. Almost everyday at lunch, you and at least one of your coworkers walk to one of the many eateries near the office. Whether enjoying lunch on the patio at Deep Deuce Grill or taking a short coffee break at the local coffee shop, Leaf & Bean, you’re happy to have so many accessible options.

After lunch, you quickly check in on the WeGoLook VIP mobile app, the company’s new employee engagement platform, where you can earn points and win prizes. You see that you’ve pulled ahead on the leaderboard and browse through the rewards to see which one you might like once you accumulate more points.


Work with meaning

As you settle back into your work, your mind is buzzing with ideas for your current project after chatting about it with your coworkers over lunch. You usually find it easy to get work done at WeGoLook because the office is casual and alive with creative energy.

More than that, the work you do at WeGoLook has meaning. WeGoLook helps make people’s lives better all over the country and around the world. The recent hurricanes around the US displaced many from their homes and WeGoLook was on the front lines as one of the first companies to use their resources to help.

WeGoLook’s new drone technology was used to get aerial views of the damage, helping insurance companies process victims’ claims faster, and allowing those affected to move on with their lives sooner. The fact that you work for a company you really believe in makes the work that much more meaningful.

You manage to get a lot of productive time in before your 3pm meeting. On your way, you run into your manager who asks if your child is feeling better after having a cold the week before. You love that your coworkers and managers are genuinely interested in your life. You remember to confirm with your manager that it’s fine to take your paid volunteer time off next week to support your favorite local charity.


Location, location, location

Around 5:15pm, you come to a stopping point in your project and decide to call it a day. Before heading home, you stop by and use your free gym membership at the YMCA that’s walking distance from the WeGoLook offices. You love the convenience of the gym’s location, and you love even more that your employer encourages a healthy lifestyle by providing a free gym membership to all employees.

As you leave the gym, you visit Native Roots, the local artisan grocery store, for some fresh veggies and a few other items for dinner. You arrive home about 20 minutes later to your spouse and kids. You take a deep breath. As you think back on your day, you think again how lucky you are to be able do the work that you do. You already look forward to tomorrow.