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5 Tips for Buying a Used Motorcycle Online

There’s nothing like traveling on a motorcycle and no easy way to describe the experience unless you try it for yourself.

Have you been thinking about purchasing a used motorcycle? Maybe you want to save some money on gas, or are just fulfilling a lifelong dream.

Or, maybe you'd like to join a gang. No judgment here!

One of the great things about buying a used motorcycle, other than the reduced cost, is that there are a lot of bikes out there to choose from. Just as you would when buying a pre-owned car, it’s important to know what you’re buying when shopping for a used motorcycle.

As leaders in third-party motorcycle inspections, WeGoLook is here to give you a few tips to remember.


1. Picking the Right Motorcycle

If you’ve never owned a motorcycle, you will soon find out that there is no such thing as one kind of motorcycle. There are standard motorcycles, sports bikes, cruisers, the list goes on. Your purchase depends on what you want from a motorcycle. Will you be commuting to work or just take it out on the weekends for short trips? What’s your skill level?

These are all important things to consider before you even start searching for a used motorcycle.


2. Check Out the History

Think you’ve found your dream bike? Before you buy, make sure you know the history. If you’re buying from a dealership, they are likely to have all the history available for you. But, if you are going through a private seller, you may have to check yourself.

Any good owner will keep records, however if this isn't the case a motorcycle vehicle history report typically costs around $25. It’s a good investment to find out if the bike is stolen, has ever been recalled, or has a clean title.


3. Give it a Quick Inspection

Even if your knowledge of motorcycles and their parts is somewhat limited, take a quick look at the bike. Check the tire tread, look for leaks or cracks, and if it appears have broken, or missing parts ask the seller. If he or she can’t answer your question, it doesn’t mean it’s a “no go,” but be cautious.

Odds are, you’ll need some professional aid to determine whether the bike is suitable for you or not. WeGoLook conducts inspections of motorcycles and is a great option to provide you with peace of mind.

By providing 30 photos, VIN and model verification, odometer reading, and major visible damage reporting, WeGoLook will help you confirm the motorcycle's condition before you commit to purchase. A service like WeGoLook will also help you avoid seller misrepresentation and fraudulent listings.


4. Take it on a Test Ride

As you should before purchasing any used vehicle, take the motorcycle on a test ride. It’s the only way you’ll truly get a feel for how it handles and if it’s easy for you to maneuver. You may not be able to take the motorcycle out on the open road, but ride it around a parking lot at the very least. Don’t forget to wear a helmet! 

After you give your soon-to-be motorcycle a test ride, do a quick check for leaks.


5. Do Some Research Before Paying the Asking Price

Getting into a bidding war with the seller can lead to you not getting the motorcycle you want, but it can also lead you to pay way more than you should. Do a little research on the cost of a used motorcycle before you shop around or at least settle on the asking price.

Use resources like this one to check the value of the motorcycle you're looking at. Also, research local advertisements on Craigslist or your local auto trader service. Taking a little extra time to find the right price can save you a bundle in the end.


In the end, you may not be the next member of Sons of Anarchy, but at least you'll know you're getting a good deal.