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10 Ways to Maximize Your Gig Earnings

At WeGoLook, one of our top priorities is to ensure that our Lookers get the most value out of their ‘Looking’ experience.

That’s why we have a vast selection of resources, like the Looker Support pages.

If you want to achieve ultimate success as a Looker, this checklist may just help you achieve your goal!

1.   Learn About Your Device

Your success as a Looker is contingent on having a device that's compatible with our mobile application. That is, after all, your motivation for accepting and completing jobs with WeGoLook.

Fortunately, you can view our support article to find out if your device is compatible.


2.   Sign Up For Direct Deposit

We already know the best part about Looking is the money. That’s why we offer direct deposit and pay each week.

Signing up takes only two minutes from start to finish, and it’s free.

Who says nothing in this world comes free? They must not be a Looker for WeGoLook!


Now, getting back to business. To sign up for direct deposit, all you have to do is the following:

  ●  Update to the newest version of the App on iOS or Android

  ●  In the App, go to "Profile"

  ●  Select "Change Payment Method"

  ●  Click "Set Up Direct Deposit"

3.   'Look' Professional

We totally get the desire to be comfortable and casual as often as possible, we have casual days in our office too.

But, you sure can’t show up on the job ‘Looking’ like this!

As an independent contractor for WeGoLook, it’s important to look nice while on the job. Does that mean you need to wear a 3-piece business suit? No way!

According to the Looker Agreement, Lookers are to dress appropriate and professional when on assignments. You are an in-person representative of WeGoLook, and professional demeanor goes a long way with onsite contacts.


4.   Follow Our Smoking Policy to the T

No smoking on the job!


Need we say more? Just. Don’t. Do. It.



5.   Contact the Contact

When you accept a Look that has an onsite contact, remember that they are usually awaiting your call. So, if you do not reach out to them to confirm an acceptable appointment time, you could end up with one of the following:

  ●  An upset onsite contact.


  ●  No person at the site when you arrive to complete your assignment.

Best advice? Just call them. It only takes a couple of minutes, and it could mean the difference between completing the Look or not.


6.   Remain Flexible

There may be times when an onsite contact is uncomfortable with you coming to their home or business. In that situation, it’s best for you to remain flexible and willing to make alternate arrangements.

Example Problem:

The onsite contact does not want you at their home or business. But, they are willing to meet you at another location.

Example Solution:

Obtain the address for the new location and contact Looker Support to advise of the change.


7.   Bad Weather?

We want our Lookers to remain safe at all times, which means that when bad weather arrives, you may need to reschedule a Look.

So, here’s the skinny on what constitutes as “Bad Weather” at WeGoLook.

If any or all of the following are happening, please let us know that the Look is scheduled for a time after the inclement weather subsides:

  ●  Government offices and/or schools are closed due to the weather conditions.

  ●  The National Weather Service has issued a severe weather warning (not a watch) that will be in effect at the Look’s location within 2 hours of the scheduled appointment.

  ●  Any other weather condition that is prohibiting you from completing the Look. Heavy rains or not enough light at the time of inspection.


8.   Tell Us About the Look

Many of our Lookers are assigned to more than one Look at any given time, which means when you reach out to Looker Support, you can help streamline the support process by providing Look numbers to our representatives.

By doing this, we can easily find the assignment in our system and work to resolve any issues you may have.


9.   Give Yourself a Pat on the Back!

Remember that you are helping people get back on track after an accident or catastrophe.

This should give you a sense of pride and satisfaction. But, it may also help you communicate effectively with the onsite contact.

Then, you can complete the job and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done!


10. Communicate Often          

We totally understand that circumstances may arise that make it necessary for you to change an appointment time or delay a Look.

However, our clients rely on us to know exactly what is going on with each Look so we can keep them up to date. We just ask that you keep us in the loop!

Ways you can keep us in the loop:

  ●  Call Looker Support

  ●  Send a text message to Looker Support

  ●  Submit a ticket to us via the WeGoLook website

  ●  Send an email to [email protected]

Another useful tip: Please be sure your voicemail is set up and able to receive messages.


If you’re a Looker with us, thank you for all your hard work and dedication to quality and timeliness in completing Looks.

If you’re not already a Looker, what are you waiting for? We need people just like you to complete quick and easy jobs using only their smartphone! Check it out and sign up today!