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WeGoLook featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®

I was so pleased to be interviewed by Kathy Ireland on the Fox Business Network, for a show that is airing at 11:30 a.m. EST on November 20, 2016. The reasons for my excitement boil down to two important facts. 

First, Kathy is a real inspiration to me personally, having written 6 books, founded a billion-dollar design empire, and raising 3 children.

Secondly, getting to chat with Kathy and her audience about WeGoLook and how we are supplementing enterprise workforces with our on-demand mobile workforce, was a pleasure.

Here is what we discussed.

The Problem Facing WeGoLook Clients

Let's face it. A problem facing many businesses today in a globalized world is a lack of regional footprint, or boots-on-the-ground, to conduct various field services. Consider banks, or insurance carriers, who require staffed offices across North America. This means local offices, staffing costs, fleet maintenance, travel budgets, and so much more.

Full-time employees are certainly integral to every business, and gig workers cannot replace the value of critical service providers. But, what we can do is supplement and augment traditional workforces.

With the rise of on-demand workforces in the gig economy, of which WeGoLook is the leading player, on-demand workers can now be dispatched at the swipe of a smartphone. No longer do large enterprises require expensive local operations to fulfil service demands. Critical employees? Yes! Bloated offices that are staffed during both high and low-seasons? Not anymore.

Let's dig a little deeper.

The Rise of the Gig Economy

The monumental shift in how we work, thanks to the gig economy, is undeniable. As of 2015, 15 million American workers were labeled 'independent contractors.' This was an increase of over 1 million workers since 2014. Estimates are that by 2020, more than 40 percent of the U.S. workforce will be classified as 'independent contractors'.

Now, this is a large bucket of workers, but the growth projections in this category of work are thanks to one mega trend: the gig economy. And WeGoLook is proud to be leading the way with our over 30,000-strong workforce who are trained, screened, and ready to complete a number of professional tasks for businesses across North American. Oh ya, and the U.K. too! 

The point is, not only has the gig economy changed how we view traditional employment, but for businesses it is disrupting staffing models and business processes. This is great news, because companies like WeGoLook allow large firms to save on staffing costs, and improve efficiency at various levels.

These levels include service delivery, customer support, information flow, and data accuracy. These efficiencies are because gig workers at WeGoLook deploy innovative smartphone technology to increase data acquisition and transfer at all levels.

This is exactly why Fast Company referred to the gig economy trend as "the future work," where on-demand flexible workforces are changing business employment models before our eyes.

Get the popcorn; it's going to a great show!

3, 2, 1 Action: An Overview of WeGoLook's Services

Simply put, WeGoLook provides data collection and asset verification services for businesses and individuals across the world. Our field workers, what we call 'Lookers', are dispatched on behalf of business clients to perform a variety of tasks. Once these tasks are completed, comprehensive reports that are screened by WeGoLook's quality assurance department are sent to the clients.

These reports contain photos, videos, technical details, and various other data points where verification was requested.

For instance, financial institutions use WeGoLook services to verify client assets before providing a personal loan. This includes pre-lease auto inspections, or pre-mortgage property verification services.

Or, a Looker could be dispatched who is a notary to verify and notarize financial documents of all sorts. Talk about putting the customer first!

Insurance carriers also use WeGoLook's on-demand workforce to augment their field personnel who can verify damage, collect data when a vehicle accident occurs, and verifying real estate for property insurance. This leads to faster turnaround times for carriers and their policyholders, ultimately saving money for our clients.

You get the point. The possibilities are endless for how useful on-demand workers could be for your business. And we continue to innovate by providing new services to enterprises across the globe.

This is why I was so happy to share this with Kathy, it's a fundamental shift in how we as a society consume and work. How could the gig economy work for your business? Drop us an email to find out at