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Employee Spotlight: Meet Karyn

Meet Karyn, the Document Research Specialist at WeGoLook.

When Karyn isn’t being the Batman (Quality Assurance) for the Document Team, you will most likely find her reading one of her fav Harry Potter, My Little Pony, Attack on Titan, Han Solo, Pikachu or Doctor Who novels. She also has a wide array of action figures at her desk that keep her company while she verifies and closes out Document orders.

Karyn doesn’t just leave work at work though, she describes the best part of her job being her teammates. “It’s not often that you get to work with people that you actually want to hang out with outside of work.”

Good thing WeGoLook has recently expanded to Australia, because one of Karyn’s dream Looks would be performed either there or Hawaii. Who wouldn’t want to visit the beach or the Great Barrier Reef, sounds good to us!

“My favorite thing about WeGoLook is getting to interact with and help people all over.” It doesn’t get much better than that.