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#WhyILook July Winner

From looking for extra cash to having adventures in the sharing economy, our WeGoLook Lookers have a number of reasons why they choose to be part of the team. Each month Lookers will showcase why they choose to Look across social media.

Congratulations to July’s #WhyILook Social Media winner Looker Jessie. She Looks “to save up for vacation moments like this.”

Our runner up is Looker Ashley who Looks “because my #GSD (German Shepherd Dog) Nala needs her “nails did” and fancy new pup necklaces.”

Stay tuned next month to see August’s #WhyILook Looker winner. Enter by tagging #WhyILook to a new photo on Instagram and submitting your name, email, phone number, and location to 

To see more of our Lookers in action, follow WeGoLook on Instagram (@WeGoLook). To find out more information on how to become a Looker, click here.