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Why I Look: Super Mom Saves Christmas!

One of the many things parents look forward to is the joy and excitement on their children’s faces Christmas morning. It’s no different for Wendy, a Looker in Florida. As a single mother of three children ages 14, 11 and 8, the holidays bring a time of joy and family but they can also bring stress, specifically financial stress.

Wendy, like so many parents, struggles with the balance of holiday gift giving for her children and family. She strives to be financially responsible while still providing her children with what she knows will surprise and delight them Christmas morning. Wendy isn’t alone in this struggle. It’s a delicate balance most families try to navigate all year long through holidays, birthdays, events and special occasions.

 But, Wendy is a planner. Before the holidays she was already researching ways to earn extra income to provide the special things for her family without the burden of debt. She was looking for an opportunity that gave her the freedom to perform tasks on a part-time basis that also worked around her full-time job as a Database Administrator. During her search, she read about WeGoLook on and decided to give it a try.

“It’s important to me to use the methods from Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace, which advises to look for alternative sources of income so I can still provide and do things for my kids without going into debt ,” shares Wendy. “The Looks Tina [at WeGoLook] sent me were an answered prayer. Thanks to the looks, I had most of what I needed for the SeaWorld tickets to surprise my children with on Christmas day.” (We are holding out on sharing Wendy’s gift until after the new year. We would hate to ruin the surprise!)

Is Wendy going to continue as a Looker? “Yes. It’s a convenient and flexible way to earn extra income,” she says adding, “I also like it, because in a convoluted way, I get to use my background in industrial engineering. Performing inspections allows me to use skills I learned in college since I really don’t get to use them during my regular job.”

Happy Holidays, Wendy! We can’t wait to hear about how your family likes their Christmas surprise.


Want to learn more about becoming a Looker? Visit our Lookers page and find your way to a little more financial peace this holiday season or any time of year.