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Why I Look: Life After Retirement

This week we reached a milestone: over 20,000 Lookers have made the decision to join the team. Wondering what their motivation for becoming a Looker? From additional income on top of a normal 9-5 to wanting flexibility in their schedule, Lookers Look for various reasons near and dear to themselves.

This month we interviewed one of our star Lookers, Jack to find out why he Looks.

In 2013, he retired from his work as a food scientist. Jack discovered after years in the food industry that retirement left him with too much energy to stay at home with little to occupy his time. What did he do? He turned to the internet to search for part-time positions that would give him flexibility to fit his needs; balancing time to enjoy retirement, yet allowing him to spend his extra energy.

“I was paging through the numerous women's magazines my wife had and saw an article about part time jobs you could do at home and where you could set your own hours.”

The article inspired him to look for ways he could make money working from home.

The result: Jack found WeGoLook.

Now having been a Looker since the summer of 2013, Jack has continued to welcome customer interaction and interesting Looks. When asked what has been his favorite Look, he responded:

“I don't really have one favorite, but I do enjoy meeting folks on the different Looks. I find people very interesting in the variety of cultures and their positions in life.”

His advice for current and prospective Lookers: “Have the skills to deal with people face-to-face as some you come across will be using WeGoLook services because of an auto accident and folks are naturally upset about the incident and all that follows to get their life back in order.”

Outside of Looking for WeGoLook, Jack enjoys being in the kitchen, experimenting with recipes until he gets them just right; as well as taking swings at golf, enjoying the scenery. Not to mention, Jack is continually refining his photography skills and is “always looking for something of interest as I travel from Look to Look.”

Just like Jack, our Lookers all have their reasons why the Look and you can too! Find out how you can join the WeGoLook team today by clicking here.