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WeGoLook’s Top Super Bowl Car Commercial Picks

We love cars around here at WeGoLook...and we also love Super Bowl car commercials. 

Here are our favorites from last night, do you agree? 

6. Jeep-Beautiful Lands

Why we love it: We get to see some pretty amazing things around here and that would not be possible without the hundreds of thousands of cars on the road. Thanks Jeep for contributing to WeGoLook seeing the world through verifying your vehicles. 

5. Toyota Camry

Why we love it: "I am going to show you how great I am." Inspiration at it's finest...thanks Toyota for inspiring us all to be great! 

4. Dodge-Wisdom 

Why we love it: Who would be where they are today without the wisdom of others in their lives? Thanks for reminding us of that Dodge...we hope to be verifying your cars for the next 100 years too! 

3. Kia Sorento-"The Perfect Getaway" 

Why we love it: At WeGoLook HQ we unfortunately see many buyers with high expectations of their getaway vacation spot or new found car. We empathize with Pierce Brosnan...we only hope your expectation is reality when we go out to verify your new car. 

2. BMW i3-"Newfangled Idea" 

Why we love it: We can definitely relate to the i3. WeGoLook is a new idea, new concept....just wait 21 more years, we will be the norm. Now how do we get Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel  to start talking about us? 

1. Mercedes-Benz Fable Ad

Why we love it: We know that the tortoise (aka the underdog) always wins the race. WeGoLook has been slow and steady without recieving 38 million in venture capital funding to discover a successful sharing economy platform.  WeGoLook is the likeness of the tortoise in the Mercedes AMG GT and will be taking off....see ya later hare! 

BONUS: Okay, it is not a car commercial, but we really love minions at WeGoLook HQ. Watch this and help us get pumped for the movie coming out this summer!