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WeGoLook Launches Vehicle Self-Inspection App for Remarketing Vehicles

Enterprise clients can create their own custom app to put in the hands of customers or Lookers.

Is your vehicle inspection really mobile?  Is your customer’s vehicle inspection conducted at their convenience?

WeGoLook dispatches over 30,000 nationwide agents along with a custom mobile app- literally putting an immense mobile workforce at your fingertips. Our platform combines mobility plus manpower to serve as your feet on the street, delivering real time, efficient solutions customized to fit your business or personal needs.

With the automotive remarketing industry projected growth to be steady and/or increasing, WeGoLook has created a mobile technology platform backed with agents across the United States to meet the growth and demand that is present and forthcoming. Our secure mobile technology is versatile by user - our “Lookers” (agents) can execute your vehicle inspection to complete a detailed inspection condition report; or your customer, the vehicle lease owner, can utilize the app and capture the data.  WeGoLook provides the complete inspection report data in both use cases.


The WeGoLook mobile application is efficient within many facets. With the growing vehicle remarketing sector, we want to ensure ease and quality every step of the way. The user can easily download the application with any compatible iOS or Android device.  

We designed the WeGoLook application technology with mobility in mind.  The application walks the Looker or client customer through the questions and photo requirements with ease (based upon client requirements).  

The user also has the ability to re-take a photo at any point in the capture process.

What if the user loses mobile connectivity? The WeGoLook vehicle mobile application is designed to automatically save the user’s work if wi-fi or cell coverage is lost and begin uploading once a signal is detected. This is also beneficial for those inspecting multiple vehicles at one time.


With off lease vehicles being a multi-million dollar market, turning around mass quantities of vehicles does not mean the customer needs to lose quality on inspections.  Once the report data is submitted on-site, the WeGoLook Quality Assurance team reviews each report (or spot checks high quantity volume client reports) for photo and data capture accuracy prior to pushing completed report to client user or API.  The client customized criteria template is utilized throughout the mobile inspection and the experienced WeGoLook Quality Assurance team will look for and identify any discrepancies.


The convenience of completing vehicle mobile inspections is integral to remarketing. The average time to complete a mobile vehicle inspection using WeGoLook technology can be as little as 10 min per car when on-site. The data is uploaded in almost real-time. Depending on the required data, once the inspection data completes the quality assurance process, the average turnaround time per inspection order can be as little as 24 hrs - getting into a new car of the same brand quickly.