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WeGoLook Launches Vacation Home Verifications

Nationwide inspection company, WeGoLook has recently created a solution to verifying the actual condition of vacation homes in response to the rise of online sharing platforms like Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, and FlipKey.  

While renting vacation homes online has flexibility and price point perks, the inherent risks may outweigh the benefits. Prior to a vacation renter arriving on property, a very brief vetting process is conducted to ensure the current condition. However, vacation home owners can easily forge or misrepresent pertinent details that could lead to a frustrating vacation experience.   

Now WeGoLook offers vacationers the opportunity to verify the owner’s claims before traveling to their destination.  WeGoLook has helped customers save thousands of dollars by avoiding rental deposits and travel expenses that were not accurately represented, as well as giving clients a peace of mind in dealing with online transactions.

How it works: Vacationers find the property they are interested in renting. Then, they order a WeGoLook Property Inspection Report. A local Agent (Looker) is dispatched to the property on their behalf to take photos, a video tour of the property, and collect on-site information. The information is compiled into a Report and sent back to the vacationer to decide if they wish to rent the property.