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WeGoLook Adds Agents in New England

WeGoLook has experienced an increased demand for services in New England and looking to add additional independently contracted Agent positions in Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. The company specializes in third party verifications and customized tasking for their consumers through a sharing economy platform utilizing notaries, process servers, real estate agents, and other professionals.

 How it Works: Individuals can sign up to be a Looker (Agent) in just minutes through WeGoLook’s website. Once the application is approved, the individual is eligible to take on jobs (Looks) with the company. Looks that fall within an Agent’s specified travel range are emailed to the individual within minutes of the order being placed in WeGoLook’s system. Lookers can accept or reject any assignment that is emailed to them creating the opportunity to take on as many or as few assignments that fit within the Looker’s availability.

WeGoLook’s system works on a first come, first serve basis through a network of 15,000+ Lookers nationwide. Through this, the company is able to perform fast, reliable service to their customers by utilizing crowdsourcing. To complete a WeGoLook Report, a Looker generally takes photos of autos, properties, or auction items in their area as requested by the client. The Looker will also fill out a form describing visual observations gathered onsite. All the data is uploaded to Looker’s Dashboard or Mobile App and completed within 24-72 hours after dispatch. Jobs pay $25-$200 depending on the amount of time spent onsite and the amount of data required. 

The company has recently created the PRO Team and is actively seeking to add more mobile notaries, process servers, mechanics, real estate agents, and more in New England to take on more complex and higher paying Looks. PRO Team Lookers complete additional background checks, carry WeGoLook badges, and are dispatched based on skill set and experience.

WeGoLook is a dynamic field services and inspection company leveraging a sharing economy of 15,000+ Agents in the United States. Tasks and inspections are assigned to Agents through a crowdsourced platform. Agents collect field data, photos, and video via the WeGoLook Mobile App and complete custom tasking such as item pickup and delivery and more. WeGoLook specializes in verifying autos, properties, boats, heavy equipment, antiques, electronics, furniture, RV’s and other assets. WeGoLook has expanded to international markets in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia with other countries to follow.