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Post-Accident Scene Inspections for Insurance Companies

WeGoLook has recently launched their Post-Accident Scene Inspections for insurance companies nationwide. Many insurance companies use WeGoLook’s service during their accident investigation to discover additional information during the claim process.

The field services company collects on-site data, measurements and captures current photos of the scene via the WeGoLook Mobile Application. Agents utilize the description of the accident scene events to record visual obstructions such as construction or landscaping. Data captured may also include signage leading to the scene, roadway measurements, and traffic sequences.

The WeGoLook Report provides clients with the ability to customize the data required to accomplish objectives for claims. Customization may include specifying the time of day the inspection must be completed to be consistent with traffic patterns, specific roadway measurements, or data required leading to the scene of the accident.

In addition to the Post-Accident Scene Inspection, WeGoLook can be dispatched to collect post-accident vehicle photos, pick-up police documents or court/jurisdiction records and deliver electronically or to a shipper, salvage retrieval, and courier services. WeGoLook specializes in insurance field solutions and utilizes proprietary software that can integrate into any insurance platform via API.

The company recently launched the WeGoLook Mobile Application which allows Agents (Lookers) the ability to complete inspections entirely through their iPhone or Android devices. Lookers are able to take photos and collect on-site data within the app. The proprietary app provides clients with a secure solution, geotagging and time/date stamping photos and data.