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We Verify The Things You Love: Online Dates

We all want the perfect love story and online dating sites like Match, eHarmony, POF, and Tinder certainly do make the possibility of finding “The One” hopeful online.

With emotions running high, we often fail to think about the possible risks associated with meeting a potential suitor online. Romance scams annually increase and as much as we may be aware of this, flattery from an attractive date lures us in and grips us tight.  

Valentine’s Day makes this reality even worse and we shudder to think about romance con-artists that are out on the prowl this week. Online dating already makes you extremely vulnerable which becomes the breeding ground for deceit among romance criminals.

However, you can still find love without falling victim to their enticing profiles by being alert and taking proactive steps.

When you find yourself involved in an online relationship that appears to have potential, WeGoLook can verify your online date anywhere in the country. Geographics can many times limit the number of prospects available or can become a cumbersome dating expense. Scammers know this and take advantage of those that are willing to spend whatever means necessary or travel anywhere for love. This is exactly why you should employ help with long distance relationships.

WeGoLook sends a Looker to meet with your online date in a public place. The Looker takes current photos, verifies your date’s state issued ID, and takes current photos and compiles it into a report like this: We can’t verify if they will break your heart or not, but we can verify that they do exist and their identity matches who they are claiming to be on the internet.

Many times, when identity verification is not nipped in the bud early in the relationship, a scammer can manipulate your feelings into believing a tragic story which often times follows with a rescue plea requiring large sums of money. As soon as the money is transferred, the scammer is off with your heart and life savings, never to be heard from again.

There are even times when the person that you are talking to is not a criminal, but they could be deceiving you in other ways. Their photo may be several years old, they could be married, or have other skeletons in the closet. Why spend thousands of dollars and precious time in traveling only to discover that the person on the other end of the computer is lying to you from the beginning of your relationship.

WeGoLook hopes that your date has nothing to hide and we can verify the possibility of love in your future.