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We Salute Our Military Lookers!

WeGoLook would not be a successful without our valued Looker community. And this Memorial weekend, we want to celebrate our Lookers who are active military or veterans for the sacrifices they and their families have made for our country.

To continue to support our country's brave men and women and to expand our community, we want to encourage current military, their spouses, and veterans to become Lookers. This summer, we will work with several veteran organizations, such as Soldier for Life, which are dedicated to helping soldiers transition into civilian life, develop job skills, and find employment opportunities within their community.

Current and retired military fit perfectly into the sharing economy community. Not only do they have varied skills and certifications, performing 'Looks' during their free time helps provide supplemental income to their household. Military spouses also enjoy the availability and flexibility of 'Looking'. So, as families transfer from base-to-base, they can perform Looks on their own schedule.

Matthew served on active duty until November 2005 and reached the rank of Sergeant (E-5) while inactive in the reserves. He performed back-to-back tours in Fallujah, Iraq, and earned a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for his performance as a Pay Agent (in which he disbursed over $2.8 million to the Iraqi people) and for his participation as a M-240G Machine Gunner during operation Al-Fajr (a.k.a. The Second Fallujah Battle). Semper Fi, Matthew!

Jim entered the Air Force as a 2nd Lieutenant straight out of college in 1956. His first active duty service was in Texas, Florida, and Georgia, where he was an aircraft controller on Air Defense Command radar sites. As an aircraft controller, he directed fighter aircraft to intercept and identify any unknown planes entering U.S. airspace. In 1959, Jim left active duty, but served in the Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard until 1969, when he retired with the rank of Captain. WeGoLook thanks Jim for his service during the Cold War.

Scott served 28 years in the U.S. Coast Guard, as a Chief Warrant Officer 4, and is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Scott currently works as a Senior Marine Inspector for the U.S. Coast Guard. Thanks for your service, Scott!