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‘Twas The Week of Christmas

‘Twas the week of Christmas and all through the house, the children were stirring and parents running all about.

The stockings weren’t hung, packages not shipped, how can we pull off Christmas if we can’t get a grip?

And then all of a sudden, like a flash in the night, 15,000 people came running, we have to get Christmas right!

Were they Santa’s secret elves or just a magical force of Agents?

Who ever they are, they are making my arrangements.

Just like that, for a nominal fee, everything was happening as I relaxed, sipping my tea.

All over the nation they were at work, stuffing stockings, delivering gifts.

Christmas was happening, these Lookers are swift!

From mom in Boston to brother in Seattle, they had it together, every order mattered!

Faster than Santa on his sleigh, I knew I would wake up to Christmas how I wanted it, gifts delivered my way.

They came in a rush, they came in a hurry, spreading Christmas Cheer not stopping at the sight of a flurry.

WeGoLook came through causing me to remember all the reasons I love this very season.

Family, friends, traditions passed along would not have been possible if I got this wrong.

Thank you for solving my everyday problems with Custom Solutions. On to the New Year, to make Resolutions!