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Top 10 Surprising Firework Shows to Look At this Fourth of July

WeGoLook is out covering the entire nation every day. But on the 4th, there are some cities that may surprise you with their fireworks display. Here are WeGoLook’s top picks of places we cover that warrant a special Look this week.

10. Estes Park, CO

Why you should take a Look: Set up your picnic blanket at Stanley Park and watch the fireworks display over Lake Estes. You hear the pows and pops not once, but twice as they echo off the mountains.

9.  Bend, OR

Why you should take a Look: The great fireworks display off of Pilot Butte is icing on the cake to a weekend of an old fashioned 4th of July celebration including a pet parade, watermelon eating contest, and tons of activities for the family. It is a tradition that has been holding strong since 1930.

8.  Gatlinburg, TN

Why you should take a Look: The town kicks off the day with a 4th of July Midnight Parade honoring military veterans and heroes with a celebration that continues until the grand finally fireworks display, which is known regionally for one of the best shows in the southeast.  

7. St. Petersburg, FL

Why you should take a Look: If a fireworks show over the bay isn’t reason enough for you to go to St. Petersburg, then you might be enticed by their concerts, tailgates, and parade that day. Sounds like they know how to throw a party in Florida.

6. Whitefish, MT

Why you should take a Look: Whitefish City Beach surrounded by the glorious Rocky Mountains might be one of the country’s best kept secrets for 4th of July Celebrations. This year, the town is also hosting an art festival, mountain biking group rides, and events for the whole family.

5. Addison, TX

Why you should take a Look: Celebrate the holiday early with the Addison Kaboom Town festival. The town features an airshow and a display of over 1,500 pounds of fireworks making it the largest show in the DFW area.

4. Minneapolis, MN

Why you should take a Look: The fireworks are launched over the Mississippi River and there are several amazing spectator spots to customize your family’s 4th of July experience. Minneapolis and surrounding cities have several events all weekend to celebrate our country’s independence.

3. Lake Tahoe, CA

Why you should take a Look: Lake Tahoe takes the cake with possibly one of the most unique viewing experiences. Spectators can watch the fireworks display from the comfort of their boat or watercraft surrounded by the magnificent view of the lake. Some lucky spectators can even check out the show from a helicopter.  

2. Bristol, RI

Why you should take a Look: Bristol, RI is home to one of the country’s oldest 4th of July Festivals (a.k.a. they have this thing down to a science). The traditional events attract locals and tourists from all over the country. A spectacular fireworks display over Bristol Harbor is takes place on the 3rd.

1. Edmond, OK

Why you should take a Look: We may be a little bias around here at WeGoLook. Our neighboring community, Edmond, OK puts on a 10 day 4th of July celebration called Liberty Fest which is capped off by a wonderful show over University of Central Oklahoma. The celebration includes a parade, rodeo, block party, food fest, and more.