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This Mom is a Real “Looker”

Why Moms Love Earning Money in the Gig Economy

Mothers are superheroes. There is no doubt about it. They feed, clothe, protect, shuttle, buy, remind, nurture, market, cheer, discipline, encourage, organize, teach, entertain, plan, nurse, and most importantly, love. 

Tish, a Looker from Southern California, is one of those Superhero moms whose superpower is finding a way to do everything she can to enrich the lives of her children. And she does it with enthusiasm and energy. She’s the mother of three: a son who recently graduated from college, a son currently in college, and a daughter in high school.

When asked how she uses the extra money she receives as a Looker, she laughs, “Two words: college tuition,” then expounds, “We use it for everything really – dance shoes, drum sticks, textbooks and technology. The technology is really a big one. The kids need to have the tech these days for their classwork. They can’t go to school without a laptop or access to the internet.”

When she’s not driving around So Cal for her Look appointments Tish also works as a health insurance benefits counselor for several insurance carriers. Plus, she runs her own business as a fundraising consultant. As busy as she is, she is also a Looker, and she enjoys assisting the WGL team and helping customers.

"I love it! On average, I am able to complete enough Looks to earn up to $200 a week, many weeks even more. Every little bit counts,” says Tish.” The extra income I receive as a Looker allows me to provide educational enrichment activities for our kids and our family. Sometimes it’s as simple as enabling us to spend more time together – going out to dinner, a movie, or a ballgame.”

This Mother’s Day, we’d like to take a moment to recognize all moms who are heroes to their families. We know we couldn’t do it without you!  Happy Mother’s Day!