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Thanks for Helping Us Reach 20,000+ Lookers

Thank you to our Looker Community! We just reached the 20,000+ independently contracted agents (Lookers) milestone this week.

WeGoLook Community Manager, Chris Lucas stated: “Our Lookers are the heartbeat of our company. The growth of our workforce mirrors our customer’s demands. It is exciting to further our coverage nationwide with highly skilled individuals ready to contribute to the sharing economy.”

We use a collaborative workforce to complete on-site inspections via proprietary mobile technology for insurance companies, financial institutions, enterprise clients, and individual consumers.

Recently, we have experienced substantial growth due to on-boarding new clients and contracts requiring customized tasking and on-site inspections. The company’s nationwide Looker workforce has been integral to supporting the advancement of business development.

Lookers are dispatched to the on-site location of an auto, real estate, heavy equipment and more to take photos, capture dynamic data, and complete customized tasking through the WeGoLook Mobile App for iOS and Android. The app walks Lookers through the inspection process by designating the required data and photos necessary for completion per the specifications of clients. The data is embedded with geo-location, time and date stamped meta data and deleted from the Lookers device upon submission. Each report goes through a quality assurance processes before being submitted back to the client in preferred format (API, .html, PDF, .zip compressed images, etc.).

The WeGoLook Looker Community is comprised of mobile notaries, process servers, school teachers, retired veterans, pastors, mechanics, and more. WeGoLook also features a PRO Team with over 1,800 members. The PRO Team is an advanced group of Lookers that have specialized skill sets, certifications, and professions. They  complete additional background checks and carry additional insurance.