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Realtors, Meet WeGoLook

Expand the distance of your client base by dispatching a local Looker (Agent) to create comprehensive reports and quality photos of properties out of your reach.

Real estate agents are a busy group. They are always on the road, conducting showings, meeting prospective buyers and sellers, facilitating large transactions, liaising with contractors, and keeping on top of large amounts of paperwork. We are tired just talking about it!

But, Realtors, much like other professions, have high and low seasons, and experience downtime depending on the cycle of their local market.

It's not just downtime Realtors have to deal with, it's also a saturated market. In a recent survey of Realtors, it was found that one of the largest challenges facing the industry was a low barrier to entry and minimal training requirements. This has led to an abundance of Realtors, leading to higher competition for work. Further, a second study by RealSure found that over 64% of Realtors surveyed believed that there were too many agents in their field.

All of this leads us to one question: As a real estate professional, how can you capitalize on downtime and still find work in a saturated professional market?

Let's first introduce you to a powerful part-time gig opportunity for Realtors, and then you can meet Dan Stanley, an amazing gig economy worker killing it with WeGoLook.

Realtors + WeGoLook

WeGoLook is a sharing economy platform that provides on-demand inspections at the click of a button. WeGoLook connects buyers with 'Lookers', who are dispatched to examine assets and verify claims made by sellers. WeGoLook currently has over 25,000 Lookers across the U.S., and is expanding internationally to Canada and the U.K.

For instance, a buyer of a brand new rental property or parcel of land who lives hundreds of miles away can hire a Looker in the area through WeGoLook to travel to that site and fill out a comprehensive report. Lookers take pictures, videos, and collect specified data about the object or property. WeGoLook is also popular among used car sales, where a Looker will inspect a vehicle for prospective buyers to ensure it is as advertised.

Once the inspection is complete, the buyer will receive the report from WeGoLook. Click here for a sample property report. WeGoLook also inspects heavy equipment, auction items, and conducts notary services.

The important item for us here is, of course, real estate and property. This includes residential properties, investment properties, commercial, vacant land, and more.

WeGoLook: Side Income for Real Estate Professionals

For those operating in the real estate profession, like Realtors, WeGoLook is an intriguing side income opportunity. You're already on the road a lot, you know how to deal professionally with clients, and you are an organization ninja! You're already 90% there to becoming a WeGoLook Looker.

Becoming a Looker at WeGoLook can also serve your professional career in real estate as well. For instance, while you won't become a licensed home inspector, you'll develop a better awareness of what to look for in a property.

Why not explore WeGoLook as an opportunity to fill work gaps? You will continue to work with people, property, and hone your real estate skills. This was certainly the case for Dan Stanley, a Realtor based in Greenville, South Carolina, and Looker extraordinaire!

Realtors, Meet Dan Stanley

Dan always wanted to be involved in real estate from an early age. Much like many in the field, Dan didn't start out with real estate, but it was always in the back of his mind as he navigated life as a young man.

He knew his career as an Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) was not the path he wanted to continue taking, so Dan turned to the one thing he knew he always wanted to be involved in. Real estate!

"As luck would have it, I decided to become a Realtor at the peak of the housing disaster. Agents didn't want to work with anyone. Lenders were gun shy. I never could get my foot in the door," Dan explains.

Dan continued, "real estate had its hooks in me, and I decided to get my license. Once licensed, I found out that too many folks had similar issues I had run into with agents. As I was able to help more and more people, I started to really enjoy being a real estate agent. I love traveling, and saw a need everywhere I went. It's really hard to be bored in this business." 

It was a perfect match! Dan became a Realtor and quickly carved out a client base who trusted him. And much like Realtors in general, Dan loved traveling around and meeting new people. 

One day, Dan was listening to the Cashflow Diary podcast with host J. Massey. It just so happened that on that episode, WeGoLook CEO and Co-Founder Robin Smith was discussing all the benefits of working side gigs with her company. Dan couldn't help himself, he signed up to see what all the fuss is about.

Since then Dan has become an extraordinary Looker by putting his real estate knowledge to further use. And the side income isn't bad either!

"The checks I get from WeGoLook are my car payments," Dan tells me.

Well done Dan! And you're not alone. WeGoLook enjoys the company of thousands of other real estate professionals, including Realtors, who are putting their knowledge of real estate to further use. They are being assigned jobs, getting outside, socializing, and earning side income. WeGoLook jobs, or 'Looks', aren't mutually exclusive from your day job. You can complete them concurrently because you're already on the road.

Summary and Advice for New Lookers: Real Estate Edition

So what if you're considering signing up as a Looker? What advice should you know as a real estate professional, looking to embark on a new adventure like WeGoLook?

"Be available. In the beginning, I took the jobs no one wanted. And, during that period I was racking up at least $100 a week. I had over three months of bills saved up in a matter of weeks because I was willing to do what other Lookers weren't."

Dan certainly has created a useful and profitable side income through WeGoLook. You can too! Check out our Looker page for more information, or sign up here to begin the onboarding process to see if this option is right for you.