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Online Shopping Scary Stories

A trick is much more common than a treat these days when shopping online. Purchasing from eBay, Craigslist, or other auction platforms can be scary business, especially this time of year. Regardless that it is 2015 and we have continual awareness of online shopping scams, fraudsters still find mischievous ways to trick shoppers.

At WeGoLook we have helped save our customers from way too many of those scary stories. We have compiled some of the top scams that still exist today so you know what to be aware of this Halloween season.

The Mask

One of the oldest scams in the book, yet one that still has a dominating presence in the online shopping world is misrepresenting an item. We affectionately call this “The Mask,” an item appears to be perfect, but the reality is much different. A seller could potentially be posting an item in exceptional condition but not disclosing damages. To avoid this trap, make sure there are a sufficient amount of photos for the item you wish to purchase. Pay attention to details and ask the seller specific questions regarding the quality of the items you are purchasing.

The Ghost

You are shopping online and find the perfect asset. Everything seems normal, the seller communicates promptly, answers all your questions, and is attentive to the sale. You purchase the item and all of a sudden, the seller disappears. The “seller” got what they wanted, your cash and then becomes a ghost. Unfortunately, this happens too often but the good news is there are ways to prevent this. Using Escrow to make the payment will help eliminate from a seller vanishing. Escow is an account that you (the buyer) pays into for the purchase of an item, when the item is delivered to your front door, the funds are released to the seller. Crisis averted!

The Haunted House

The perfect rental home is found from a far. Deposits paid, first month rent is collected, and the moving truck is packed. Your family travels across the country only to discover keys to the front door do not work and there are people inside your home. Things become fishy when the owner of the house greets you and the realization that you fell for fraud sinks in. This scenario is also avoidable with a little research. Many times fraudsters will rip off real estate listings and repost them on unsuspecting sites. Researching the address through the county assessor’s website and verify that the person supplying the information is infact the owner of the home.

While these tips may help save you from the tricks this Halloween season, there is nothing like sending a real person on your behalf to be your eyes and ears before sending any money. WeGoLook can help by dispatching one of our Lookers to take photos, video, and collect on-site data for virtually any asset.