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Looking Forward: A Message from CEO Robin Smith

Happy New Year!

Whether you are a ProTeam Looker, experienced Looker or new to our community, I personally want to say thank you for your patience and efforts as a member of our Looker family while the company has continued to grow and evolve over the past year.

I started WeGoLook with an initial mission to help individual customers mitigate their risk when purchasing items sight unseen (think eBay) - believing an extra set of "eyes" would be most helpful to people unable to travel an item.  Over a short period of time, news of the quality and accuracy of WeGoLook inspection reports spread and now companies, both large and small are tasking us with custom Looks! In fact, we have been described as the "Uber of Inspections" by Dave Berkus and others.

We are proud to be a part of the “gig economy” and disrupting the status quo in business by bringing solutions and value to both individuals and companies. In fact, WeGoLook grew 500% in 2015 and we’re looking forward to repeating this again in 2016. Be ready to accept and perform more Looks for us. More contracts = More Looks!

WeGoLook #LovesOurLookers and we are excited to share several new mobile application features with you for 2016.

2016 Mobile Application Roadmap:

  • Video capture (available now!)
  • In-app claiming of available Looks
  • In-app appointment scheduling
  • In-app Look history
  • Ability to edit Looker profile within app
  • Landscape photo option available

Our development team has done a tremendous job of evaluating, planning, testing, listening and coding to make the mobile experience for our Lookers the best it can be. We still need your help to improve, so please be sure to update the WeGoLook app on your mobile device often so you have the most recent iOS or Android version with the latest enhancements and fixes. 

Gamification, Contests and Social Media

Who doesn’t enjoy a little friendly competition? We are implementing a new rating system applied to each Looker based on update consistency, professionalism, accuracy, photo quality and timely submission of Looks. We’ll have more information as we get closer to implementation.

Help us tell the WeGoLook story and win free stuff! We want to hear from our Lookers. Submit your #WhyILook story on the benefits of Looking for your chance to win cool prizes from WeGoLook and be featured on our website and social media campaigns.

Community Management

We have a dedicated team to work with the Looker community. Their job is to gather feedback from you on how to improve our mobile application and processes and to answer your questions. All feedback is welcome! We want to be the best and that means we want our Lookers to have a fantastic experience.

Connect with Us

We want to connect with you. Be sure to “Like,” “Follow,” “Tweet,” “Comment,” “Share” with us via our social media channels. We promise to update, inform and occasionally even entertain you. Together, we can tell the WeGoLook story. You'll find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram

On behalf of the WeGoLook team, we’re “looking forward” to partnering with you for another successful year in 2016.  


Robin Smith, WeGoLook Co-Founder and CEO


Follow Robin on Twitter @CrowdCween and read her thoughts on entrepreneurship, the gig economy and crowdsourcing on LinkedIn.