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Look of the Week: Send a Looker to a Tradeshow

Have you ever had to be two places at once? Or travel across the country when someone else really could take care of that business for you (without spending the travel fees)?

That is just the problem that one of our customers faced this week and WeGoLook was quick to provide the solution.

We sent out 4 different Lookers in 4 cities to attend tradeshows on this customer’s behalf. The Lookers visited booths, took photos, notes, collected brochures and even attended seminars.

How it Works: WeGoLook Customers can order a Custom Tasking Report via WeGoLook’s website. WeGolook HQ handles all coordination of the Looker’s dispatch including registration and scheduling. The day of the tradeshow or event, the Looker is dispatched to the venue to take photos, collect data, and even attend meetings or trainings. Customers can specify the type of information they would like the Agent to retrieve during the event. After the tradeshow, the Agent uploads all data via the WeGoLook Mobile Application and it is delivered to the Customer via email.

The result: Our customer was able to collect all the information needed from the comfort of their home, maximize their time and save thousands of dollars in travel expenses.