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Look of the Week: Bread Factory

Who do you call when your company’s inventory is toast?

WeGoLook was dispatched to a bread factory on behalf of an insurance company needing to verify the condition of the on-site food products recently exposed to a fire.  

Our Looker verified the number of loaves per item tray then spot-checked the quality of the bread for texture, look for signs of mold, soot and more to assist the insurance company with assessing damaged and lost goods.

As a result of the fire, the product had to be moved to a warehouse that was currently under construction.

There were 40,287 trays with soot damaged bread, 2,736 trays of returned product, 366 bags of stuffing, and 12,240 empty trays. Now that is a lot of bread! 

The inspection included pulling samples of trays to verifying the expiration date and condition of the bread.

Can you imagine the amount of sandwiches that could be made with all this bread?

The Looker did an amazing job taking inventory of the product on hand.

This Bread Factory Look is just another example of how WeGoLook saves clients a lot of “dough”!