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Let Your Luck Come in a Look

If you are shopping online today for anything from John Deer Green Tractors to green electric cars, you may not want to rely just on Irish luck.

Did you know that even with security provisions on eBay,, and Proxibid, scammers still slip through the cracks with their strategic tactics?

You may discover an ad for your dream car that appears to be completely legitimate. The photos appear to be recent, the vehicle in great condition, and the contact has excellent communication answering your questions before you bid.

The perfect ad could likely have several hidden red flags from discretely hiding damages to scraping photos from another ad and re-posting the vehicle under the scammer’s account.

How can you know if the item you are purchasing is legitimate?

Let your luck come from a Look this St. Patrick’s day! WeGoLook will dispatch an Agent (Looker) to Look at anything you might be interested in purchasing online from a property in a different part of the country to an antique or collectable.

Your Looker will verify the current condition of the item, take photos, videos, collect on-site data, and more. All of this is then compiled into a WeGoLook Report and delivered to you via email. Now, you have the opportunity to make a purchasing decision prior to placing your final bid.

If you are Looking for a four leaf clover this year, WeGoLook is your lucky charm when shopping online!