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‘I’m A Looker’ Profile: Full STEAM Ahead! Meet Robin: Author, Educator and Looker

Our Lookers come from all over the world and walks of life. Meet Robin, from Virginia, who has been with us since October 2015 and completes about one job per week on average, which fits in well with her part-time job as an entrepreneur, educator, and writer. 

WeGoLook prides itself on being a flexible opportunity. Lookers claim their own jobs, which allows them to run their own lives alongside working for us and sometimes, it can even be a welcome break from everyday life. Robin says, ‘Looking helps me to get away from the computer and travel during the week. I own my own business, just authored my latest book, and teach design classes and STEAM lessons with kids so I’m on the computer way too much.’

You’re not limited to being on your own when Looking. In fact, Robin recruited her husband to go with her! ‘He enjoys getting out from the routine of his job, too. He’s getting ready to retire and so we’ll look forward to the jobs.’

We love hearing how Lookers take the opportunity to expand their world and explore something new,  ‘I like to use the travel time to shop in an area that I might not travel to usually. I also like the stories that customers tell me,’ Robin shared. WeGoLook’s relationship with our customers is so important to us, so it’s important that our Lookers feel as strongly about customer service as we do and really embrace each job. Robin's dedication to service is obvious as she dedicates her time as an entrepreneur to develop innovative ways to support science, technology, engineering, art and math educators through her company Konneckt IT.

Her willingness to help doesn't stop there as she provides insight into her experience as a Looker. Robin emphasizes when claiming a job, it’s always best to prepare first and Robin has some words of wisdom for new Lookers, ‘You’ll benefit from calling first. Once, I almost started out in the later afternoon, almost dark. I hadn’t called and so decided to wait. It turned out the service station had the car parked four miles away in a junkyard, it had snowed and was super cold! I wouldn’t have made it in time to get the job done that day so I’m glad I waited until the next and called first!’

Thanks so much to Robin for sharing her experience as a Looker with us. If you’d like to join our Looker community,  you can see all the details you need on our website or get in touch with us to ask any questions you may have.

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