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How to Use the Sharing Economy for Vacation Rentals

With summer just around the corner, it is primetime to start planning your dream getaway. With the rise in vacation rental platforms like Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO, a hotel is no longer the only option.

However, vacation sharing economy platforms come with risks and very little accountability if the vacation home turns sour. Every day in the news, there are stories about unsuspecting vacationers that get duped in a rental scam because con artists have used these platforms to post fake listings.

Before you finalize your travel itinerary, check out WeGoLook’s how-tos of for booking your home away from home.

  1. Start with narrowing down your destination
    Depending on your travel flexibility, look into surrounding suburbs or cities. The perfect host within your budget may be just a few miles away.
  2. Search for hosts
    Your research efforts will certainly not go wasted when you invest the time to look through listing after listing. If you have not already booked your flight, try changing around some of the dates you would like to stay. Even just one or two nights, it can make a significant difference in what may be available.
  3. Ask Questions
    It could be picture perfect, but there might be something hiding in the closet. Reach out to your host and ask tons of questions. Is the host quick to respond and thoroughly answer questions or do they communicate with broken English at strange times in the middle of the night? Look for red flags in communication with the awareness that anyone can post their “home” if they use a legitimate address and photos.
  4. Go Look
    Questions and concerns will probably come up while you are searching out the listings. Many of those questions can only be answered in person. Narrow down your search to your favorite properties and let WeGoLook do your homework. We will send a local “Looker” in your destination city to verify the vacation home, take current photos, and ask the homeowner any questions before you put down a deposit or invest in plane tickets. This extra step will save you from costly mistakes and ensure your vacation is exactly what you expected.
    Already have your property picked out? Order your WeGoLook Report Now!
  5. Book
    After you have received your WeGoLook Report, pick your favorite host home without the risk. Book your stay on Airbnb, VRBO, or Homeaway and start dreaming of your vacation.
  6. Get there!
    Rest, relax, and enjoy your getaway!