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No one wants to find their perfect vacation rental next door to a Strip club or on a hill so high Grandpa can't make it up.

Robin Smith of WeGoLook has five hacks to let you rent smarter. 

Hack One:

Rent from reputable websites. Go to websites that have accountability reviews like Homeaway, VRBO and Airbnb. If there are no reviews... steer clear

Hack Two:

Do a virtual reconnaissance. Now this isn't as cool as it sounds and does not involve  Bradley Cooper in combat gear. What it does mean is check Google map to see what is close by. Check the street function and see for yourself .

Hack Three:

Start early. Plan your trip as far in advance as possible. Check with several locations. Have some options.

Hack Four:

Talk to the owner of the property. Send out several questions to different properties and see who answers. Ask the owner what their property weakness is. That will tell you a great deal about noisy neighbors and leaky roofs.

Hack Five:

A WeGoLook property verification report. One of two thousand Lookers across the country will go to the property, take their own pictures, take shots of adjoining properties and give you a thorough assessment for a nominal fee. 


The only thing left to decide is who gets the top bunk!!