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Fifty Shades of Grey with Buying Online

Have you ever felt like Ana Steele with online purchases? Instantly attracted to a new car or home for sale yet walking away with a feeling of doubt after first glance.

The new love affair of the asset at hand lures you in wanting to sign agreements and commit to the terms of the sale, yet something in your gut tells you there is more to the story. 

Your Christian Grey prods you with flashy other items like helicopter rides and expensive cars in the driveway, yet something inside you tells you there is more to the story.

Caught in the midst of fifty shades of grey in your online purchases, you decide that you must uncover the black and the white realities of the potential sale.

Much like Christian Grey, online scammers use manipulative tactics to cause you to commit to purchases of assets sight unseen.

Online auction platforms like Craigslist or eBay do not make their sellers to go through rigorous screenings in order to post items for sale. Anyone can post an ad with unverified item descriptions and photos.

At WeGoLook, we unfortunately see the Grey areas online consumers are trapped in every day. Scammers post false ads by stealing photos from the internet or other legitimate ads. Some fraudsters grossly misrepresent the item. For example, they may be legitimately selling a fully restored 1965 Mustang Convertible, but not sharing with you all of the details. The ad may show only one side of the car, covering up damage from a collision. Or the vehicle may appear to be in mint condition, but not even start. Once you have purchase the car, the misconceptions are discovered once it arrives at your front door or worse, it never arrives and a scammer is off with your money.

So how can you shop online nationwide without falling victim to scammers?

WeGoLook can literally inspect any item or asset. We send a real person, known as a Looker to the actual location of the item. They take photos, videos, and collect customizable data. Everything is compiled into an online report that you can use to compare against the original ad prior to making your purchasing decision.

Think you have found your real life Christian Grey? WeGoLook can even verify online dates, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Don’t live in the Grey…online purchasing should be just as black and white as your in-town purchases.