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Don’t Buy a Lemon

Today is National Lemonade Day we are are reminded here at WeGoLook how many lemons there are in the marketplace when purchasing a vehicle online.

WeGoLook was created for the purpose of helping you avoid buying mistakes. We have compiled 5 tips to make better decisions when purchasing online:

  1. Research your vehicle
    Before you start your car hunt, have a clear checklist on the type of car you are looking to purchase. Often times, online auctions sites like eBay Motors or will overwhelm you with the amount of vehicles avaiable. Research is a key piece of the process that will continue to aid your buying decision along every step.
  2. Yellow Flags→ Run, Red Flags → Run Faster
    We often see misfortune occur when we don’t pay attention to the yellow or red flags that occur in communication with a seller. Unfortunately, many crooks still utilize online platforms to lure victims into purchasing a vehicle that does not exist. Pay attention to simple things that may appear to be fraud, such as, poor grammar, unwilling to communicate via phone, or requesting wire transfers/funds immediately.  
  3. Verify before you commit
    Once you have found the car that you are ready to move forward with, dispatch a WeGoLook Looker to verify the car on your behalf. You can ask custom questions, review photos and videos of the car before you make your purchasing decision.
  4. Find the right financing terms
    Buying a car can put you in a high pressure situation financially. Deciding in advance how much you are going to spend and what financing company you will use will not only give you negotiating power, but also peace of mind. WeGoLook has teamed up with Innovative Funding Services to equip you with options before the final sale.
  5. Transport with confidence
    The final key to buying online is transporting the vehicle to your driveway. WeGoLook will dispatch a Looker at the time of pick up from one of our trusted transport companies to verify the vehicle before it gets on the truck plus tracking details while your car is making the cross country journey.

WeGoLook committed to helping you find the best solutions to purchasing used cars online. Avoid the pucker and turn a lemon into lemonade by eliminating the risk for your next purchase.