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Custom Taskers with WeGoLook

Think of a life free of errands. What would you do if you could create a lifestyle of completing tasks all over the country (or even world) without leaving your living room? Would your life be easier? Could you incorporate delegating microtasks in your business to see growth?

Imagine if you left your sunglasses in your hotel room on vacation, ordered an item off craigslist in another part of the country, needed notarization of a signature for business deal 800 miles away, needed last minute delivery of flowers to a loved one, or wanted someone to take a video of a live auction in a different state. It is very unlikely that any of these tasks could be accomplished without a real person coming to your rescue.

WeGoLook has created a dynamic platform that utilizes a task force of 10,000+ Agents (Lookers) nationwide. The Lookers can complete just about anything that you dream up from courier service, delivery of an item to a shipper, customized tasking, notary services, or even waiting in line on your behalf at the Apple Store.

How it Works: Submit a Custom Tasking Order to WeGoLook, sit back and relax. The WeGoLook Team sends the Order out to Lookers in the area the task is located and the first Looker to accept completes the job. The Looker will take photos verifying the task meets your standards and proof of completion. Receive an email with a completed Report of how the task went including any details that may be important for the future, such as tracking information for shipments.

If you are carrying around an unattainable to-do list, then you utilizing custom tasking may be your best option for clearing some things off your plate.

What could you do if you have 10,000+ friends nationwide ready to help with your day to day life?

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