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WeGoLook Launches Crowdsourced Delivery Services for Retailers

WeGoLook has expanded to offer real time delivery services for retailers such as Starbucks, Amazon, and Walmart nationwide through a shared economy platform.

Demands for retailers like Starbucks, Amazon, and Walmart to offer same-day delivery services for consumers has posed a challenge in logistical concerns for scalable nationwide models. WeGoLook, a crowdsourcing customized tasking company has developed a solution through a labor force of Lookers nationwide to fulfill delivery requirements for online consumers.

The shared economy platform dispatches Lookers according to their geolocation in real time via the WeGoLook Mobile App to the location of the items which is then delivered to the consumer. The seamless delivery process allows for consumers to conduct purchases completely online with delivery to their home or workplace.

How it Works: The consumer visits the online retailer that is using WeGoLook’s delivery services to order the products and request the delivery time. The retailer notifies WeGoLook of the location and time available for pickup. A Looker accepts the assignment and is dispatched to the retailer to pick up and deliver items to the consumer.

Delivery services provided by WeGoLook are revolutionizing the way retailers can conduct business through efficient crowd labor and coordination across the country.  Food deliveries are no longer limited to chain pizza restaurants, but are now available for piping hot coffee, groceries, and more. Target, Whole Foods, Safeway, and other grocery chains are already offering to do your shopping for you via online ordering systems, but WeGoLook has brought the modern day milkman to consumer’s front door.