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A Few of Our Favorite Things: Tesla Motors

If we had to brag, WeGoLook might be one of the coolest companies that has ever existed--solely based on what we get to Look at every day (and our Lookers are pretty legit)!

Our list may differ a bit from Julie Andrews but our Lookers and Customers agree that Tesla Motors has been topping the list of our Favorite Things this week.

Imagine walking out to this hot little number every day. What makes it even better, you never have to put gas money in this puppy again—yes, she just got hotter with that statement. 

From the front to the back, this car even looks good when you are putting your junk in the trunk. The Tesla Model S is so sleek that the door handles don’t even come out until you approach the car. Go-go-gadget cool! 

Our Lookers can’t get enough of this car either. The interior features are like your own mini-spaceship in the driveway. We have a hunch that Tesla might be the first car in outer space. 

And did we mention that grille? We just can get enough of the clean lines, soothing light purr, and hug of the road. 

To top it all off, you will feel just like Captain Kirk in your mini-starship USS Enterprise cockpit—we won’t tell William Shatner if you won’t….he didn’t even get to experience WiFi in his starship. 

Whether a new car is the top of your Christmas List or Dream List, our vote would be the Tesla Model S this Holiday Season.