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8 Tips to Help Your Vehicle Live Longer

At WeGoLook our Lookers are constantly inspecting automobiles from resale to insurance claims. We see thousands of cars per month. With these numbers, we have picked up a few tips on maintaining your car for longevity.

In our world, most things are disposable, but investing in your car and treating it properly can keep it running smoothly for years to come. Here are our top 8 tips to keep the wheels running:

1.Fluids — Fluids are the elixir of life for your car. They help you have high fuel efficiency and overall performance of any car. Therefore, it is very important to stay on top of your oil changes, as well as your car’s recommendations for power steering, break, and transmission fluids.

2.Keep it Clean — You may think we just like a clean looking vehicle, but in reality keeping your car clean can help you avoid costly repairs and keep your paint job looking sharp. The main area you want to ensure is clean consistently is the underbody of your vehicle. If it is not cleaned, dust and debris can gather which will maintain moisture and cause your car to rust quickly.

3.Light Foot — Do you have a lead foot? Did you know that rapid accelerating and speeding can affect your fuel efficiency and hurt your transmission? Learn to lighten your foot a bit. Your car will thank you.

4.Aired Up — When your tires are not properly aired, your car has to work harder to move; which affects your mileage and adds wear and tear to your car.

5.Cool It — Coolant has the large job of ensuring your engine doesn't overheat or freeze. Over time this process causes corrosion in your radiator and other parts of your vehicle; which is why you should have your cooling system serviced on a regular schedule.

6.Rotation — Beyond having your car last longer, regularly rotating your wheels, wheel alignments will increase the life of your tired and increase fuel efficiency.

7.Replacement — Replacing serpentine belts, shocks and struts, air filters, fuel filters, and car batteries are all key to pay attention to. Loosing sight of these replacements can cause extremely large repair costs down the road.

8.Pay Attention — Your car manufacturer made your car; they know best as to the times for regular maintenance. Read your owner’s manual and talk to your mechanic about upcoming maintenance, that way the cost to maintain your car does not come as a shock, but something you are proactively expecting and ready when the time comes.

Bottom line, at the end of the day it is up to you to make the daily decisions to treat your car well. As your car ages the cost for repairs does increase, but with proper regularly scheduled maintenance, these repairs will be lower.

Don’t forget, if you are searching for a new vehicle and need someone to inspect the state of the car, give our Lookers a call. They have the experience to help you make an informed decision on your car purchase.