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6 Steps for A Safe and Sound Getaway

Flipping through the hottest vacation spots and creating your dream get away on a Pinterest board seems easy when you are caught up in the excitement of planning your vacation. Yet, sometimes when you start adding the airfare, lodging, amusements, food, and souvenirs the task can be daunting from the financial end.  Deals that seem too good to be true start to flood your email inbox and finally you think your dream can become a reality.

But….what happens when that photo of the perfect lodge in the Colorado Mountains on Airbnb or Home Away is actually a shack with the likeness of a 1970s horror film?

WeGoLook has discovered how you can prevent a nightmare when planning your dream vacation.

1. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

The old adage grandma told you a million times still reigns true today. A five star beach resort for $60 a night in the middle of summer generally presents a huge red flag. Look for the best deals in price, but be realistic in knowing that you get what you pay for. Hotels and vacation rentals generally compete and match rates to other properties in the area.

2. Do your research

You have tons of resources at your fingertips. If there is an address listed for the property, pull it up on Google Maps. Do a web search of the property, if there is a complaint or previous scam, many times you are not the first victim and other records will be recorded on the internet.

3. Never pay with cash transfer or money order

Scammers will want to lure you into a vacation property only to steal your money before you even step on an airplane. Avoid situations that ask you to put down a cash deposit, request a cashier’s check, or wire transfer. This is a red flag because it is not traceable. Once you release your money, your scammer can be gone forever.

4. Validate the property owner

Remember, the property owner is asking you for various pieces personal information (name, address, credit card number, etc.). It is within your rights as a consumer to check them out. You can request to see ownership documents, check them out on the county assessor’s website or even ask them to mail you printed information about the facility.

5. Avoid high pressure sales tactics

Deals come and go and change constantly for vacation planning. If a sales person is pressuring you to make a decision, chances are you really won’t miss out on much. If the rates for that property go up, there is plenty of lodging in most vacation hot spot areas. Take your time and make a decision that is right for your vacation.

6. Verify the property with WeGoLook

If you are still not at peace by taking the smart steps to plan your vacation, send someone else to verify its existence. Dispatch a real person to visit the property, meet with ownership, take photos and answer your individualized questions. WeGoLook has 10,000+ Lookers (Agents) nationwide ready to inspect your vacation home and keep you from making a costly mistake.

Planning your vacation should be the hardest part of your whole trip. With these steps you can avoid scams and unfortunate surprises when you arrive at your destination.