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5 Tips to Create Your Own Side Hustle

Become a WeGoLook Looker While Working a Full-Time Job

"Terrible advice!" I yelled at the radio. Although the DJ couldn't hear me, I was hoping, somehow, the magical radio waves would transmit my displeasure back to the station. Alas, my slight tantrum served only to arouse suspicion from the elderly woman in the car next to me. I smiled...and slowly rolled up my window. 

This nameless radio announcer was advising a caller to quit her day job to pursue her entrepreneurial passions. “Quit the rat race and pursue your passion!” Sure, this can be an ultimate goal of some, but it shouldn't be a starting point. 

There is a truism in today's digital age that is couched in the flexible employment opportunities available to us. That is, being an entrepreneur or working side gigs, and holding a full-time job are not mutually exclusive.

Flexible and freelance work is now more common than ever, and there are plenty of options out there for those who want a 'side hustle'. For instance, we have thousands of 'Lookers' here at WeGoLook who take on-demand inspection gigs to supplement their 9-5 income. And this is fantastic!

We have teachers, lawyers, stay-at-home Moms and Dads, retirees, bankers, veterans, mechanics, and so many more professionals who choose to work a side gig with WeGoLook because it gives them income flexibility and keeps them busy.

Don't think you can manage a part-time job while maintaining a 9-5 and all your other commitments? Think again.

We All Have the Same Amount of Time in a Day

Everyone, including successful entrepreneurs, has the same amount of time in the day. Where we differ, is how we choose to spend that time.

The most common complaint I hear from people who don't do something they want to do is: “I just don’t have the time”.

But let's be honest, “I don’t have time” really means “I don’t want to make time”.

I hear a lot of people who want to explore flexible work opportunities at WeGoLook, either to remain social, to earn income, or to simply gain new experiences. This is great! We are here to help you start making time for your new entrepreneurial endeavors. Here are our five quick tips for becoming a WeGoLook Looker while working full-time

WeGoLook Tip #1 - Manage Your Free Time (*Cough* Make it Count!): Audit your calendar and block off specific time slots for WeGoLook work, even if you haven't started yet. This will give you dedicated time to focus on your side hustle.

WeGoLook Tip #2 - Start Small: Don't dive head-first into the deep end right away. Take on one job at a time to start, in order to get a feel for the WeGoLook work, processes, and best practices. This will ensure you're not overwhelmed, you are working two jobs after all!

WeGoLook Tip #3 - Education and Networking: The best thing you can do is to educate yourself through the WeGoLook blog and support section. Here you will get great advice that will save you time and energy. Also, take every opportunity to learn from, and network with, fellow Lookers.

WeGoLook Tip #4 - Treat Your Side Gig Like a Small Business: It's important to treat your WeGoLook gig as a small business. Isn't it nice to be your own boss? This includes proper accounting, professional dress, record keeping, and organization.

WeGoLook Tip #5 - Don't Forget the Important Stuff: Most importantly, don't forget to take the time to enjoy what's really important to you. This includes time for friends and family, and having fun every once and a while. Relaxed and happy entrepreneurs are the most successful. There you have it, five quick tips to help you manage your side hustle while working a full-time job. Remember, a day job isn't a bad thing despite all the cubicle purgatory warnings we hear from so-called experts. Working a regular full-time job is extremely rewarding and provides you with a solid income and benefit safety net.

But, a 9-5 doesn't mean you can't hustle on the side to earn extra income, and the advice above will help you get started.

Good luck everyone!