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5 Things You Need To Know About Crowdsourcing Vehicle Mobile Inspections

Crowdsourcing can put an immense mobile workforce at your fingertips. Companies like WeGoLook offer an inspection platform combined with custom mobile application development for customers. Think “uber of inspections”... No matter what company you choose to conduct auto condition reports, make sure they have the national footprint plus development capabilities to create a personalized solution for your company.

With the automotive remarketing industry projected growth to be stable and/or growing, WeGoLook has created a mobile technology to meet the growth and demand that is present and forthcoming.  Here are 5 things you need to know about how using a crowdsourced technology can enhance the vehicle mobile inspection experience.

Secure Mobile Technology 

Double check security standards with any device a company is using.  WeGoLook is one of only a few inspection companies SSAE 16 SOC II data certified. Answers to questions and images are captured and delivered through our secure cloud based mobile technology.  All data is uploaded on-site by WeGoLook agents “Lookers” via the WeGoLook Mobile App to the QA department for review of accuracy.  Photos are geotagged within the metadata and includes time/date stamp.  Information is immediately deleted from agent’s device upon submission.

Customized Solutions

Make sure the platform offers custom solutions along with traditionally offered services.  WeGoLook provides several types of auto condition reports plus gives you the option to create your very own report template and mobile app through our platform.  

3rd Party

Keep in mind that crowdsourcing is an efficient way to hire a sub-contractor or third party for inspection needs. WeGoLook is a third party verification source.  The goal is to provide an outside source to your transaction.  Need more 3rd party action?  Customized vehicle reports have the ability to incorporate vehicle reports from additional parties such as Autocheck and Carfax.

Quality Assurance

All report data captured through the WeGoLook platform and mobile device is reviewed by an internal team upon submission from the on-site appointment.  Every mobile inspection is submitted back to our headquarters and approved through our Quality Assurance Team so you receive consistent quality every time.   “You’re only as good as your last photo” - CEO and Co-Founder Robin Smith.

Time Is Value

We know your time is valuable.  Our mobile vehicle inspections are created to be completed to meet your SLAs and deadlines.   With 20,000+ agents throughout the U.S. backed by our secure mobile technology, we can capture your photos in almost real time and submit them through our Quality Assurance Team quickly. You are notified when your WeGoLook Report is ready via email notification or API where you can then access the report online, download the PDF and photos, or share with colleagues.  WeGoLook operates 7 days a week and the WeGoLook expectation is to turn your request into a detailed condition report within 24-72 hours depending on your customized needs.