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5 Key Takeaways from RIMS 2016

Time flies! Only a few short weeks ago, the WeGoLook team attended the Risk and Insurance Management annual conference in (verified) sunny San Diego. It was the team’s first opportunity to exhibit together at a large event to promote WeGoLook and our on-demand inspection and custom tasking services to a variety of companies in the insurance industry. It was also the team’s first experience to “Airbnb together.” The team that shares together stays together!

WeGoLook at RIMS 2016

Over the course of the week our team came away with these key takeaways that keep risk and insurance management professionals awake at night:

Five Challenges Keeping Risk and Insurance Professionals Awake at Night

  •  Financial fraud is a major challenge that companies are trying to control, mitigate and manage.
  •  Employee conduct and behavior versus compliance are major concerns as companies are trying to reduce incidents due to loss prevention. Companies need to know that job sites and work locations are following company and industry policy.
  • Drone technology is causing some heartburn amongst Insurance professionals as drone use opens up new liabilities tied to personal privacy and protection.
  • Improving the claims management process by finding new efficiencies, eliminating redundancy, speeding up the process and ditching the paper to go digital were all top of mind.
  • Managing company fleets and remarketing assets at the end of their lifecycle with the company is a challenge.

It’s okay. Go back to sleep. We’ve got you. Our goal in attending RIMS 2016 was to connect with risk and insurance industry professionals, learn more about the challenges we already knew they faced and to discover new challenges where WeGoLook could provide solutions.

How WeGoLook Can Help

How WeGoLook integrates into insurance claims handling

Our on-demand inspection and custom tasking services can directly overcome and solve the challenges risk and insurance companies face.

  • We can help shine a light on the financial fraud monsters underneath your bed. Exposing fraud through on-demand inspections and verifications is at the core of our business. We already have the experience integrating our services into the claims processing and handling life cycle with the nation’s largest insurance provider.
  • We can help tame the stress companies feel over Employee Conduct and Site Compliance. WeGoLook on-demand inspections can help provide extra eyes, ears, and boots on the ground to audit and document company worksites and compliance with information gathering, photos, and video.
  •  At WeGoLook, we’re also carefully watching the how questions of personal privacy and protections around drone technology play out. We’re actively exploring ways to responsibly incorporate certified drone technicians into our inspection services.
  • Our on-demand inspection and custom tasking can be integrated directly into the claims handling process. Our mobile inspection application can be customized to your requirements and white labeled for deployment to your employees, directly integrating the data into your existing system. We can also apply your custom requirements within our standard application and extend your field agent footprint with over 20,000+ Lookers across the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. Here’s a more detailed overview on how WeGoLook can improve your claims handling and processing times.​
  • Our Lookers count cars like risk and insurance professionals count sheep in hopes of getting some sleep. The most common “Looks” our agents complete are vehicle inspections. We know vehicle inspections and we know fleet inspections - specifically how to speed them up and get all of the data points you need - the first time. The faster fleet vehicles are inspected, the faster they can be remarketed.

Want to learn more? We’re ready to help. Complete this form and a member of our team will reach out to you. We’re confident that together we can help you rest a little easier at night.